Five Minutes With/Jessica-Rose Boyd

It's time for a quick break and a chat, maybe a cup of tea, maybe a KitKat if you're that way inclined. (We are).

Every now and then we're going to have a 5 minute break with someone from a local community. Or rather in this case, someone who is working on our brand new play called Ruby written by our Artistic Director Jonathan Stephenson.

So grab a brew and put your feet up for five minutes for a sit down and a chat.

This time round we're having a 5 minute break with Co-Director Jessica-Rose Boyd who's joining us from her critically acclaimed position of Movement Director on the theatre 503's BU21.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

SO, I'm a theatre obsessive. I've grown up running around theatres, dancing anywhere I can and truly believing that every day should be fancy dress day. I trained at East 15 on the Acting and Contemporary Theatre Course graduating in 2012, I had the most wonderful three years of my life, I'd do it again in a heart beat. After graduating I've been busy creating work with The Alchemist, a theatre company formed between myself, Luke Clarke and Anthony Stephen Springall, all of us trained together at E15. They are fantastically talented boys I am a very lucky lady!

My other true love is William Shakespeare. I've been working closely with Changeling Theatre for a few years now, appearing as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Julia in Two Gents, and Sorel Bliss in Hayfever.

This year I began work as a movement director which I bloody love. So much so I am about to embark on a intense year Masters Degree in Movement Direction and Teaching at Central School of Speech and Drama, starting in October. It'll be weird going back into education but I'm actually really looking forward to it! I discovered movement directing through my work with Kuleshov theater on BU21 by Stuart Slade which went to the Theatre 503 earlier this year, a cracking bunch of creatives and what a fantastic script. Bring on the next one !

Perks of the job?

The people. I've seen some incredible people do some incredible things, and then I've had a pint with them afterwards!

If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to watch what would it be?

Stuart Slades next play.

If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to listen to what would it be?

Ernest Ranglin's album Below The Baseline

What's your favourite play?

I love many different plays for many different reasons. Ones I've watched and ones I've taken part in, I couldn't possibly choose. That's what I love about theatre. You've never seen it all.

What inspires you?

The human condition. What we do to eachother and what we would do for eachother. Love. High Stakes. Laughter. Strange antique instruments. Shakespeare's poetry. Charity shop bargains. Sunshine. Food especially when I get to cook it for my beautiful boyfriend. His handmade furniture. Trees. My family...

Bloody everything.

What's the best thing about the local community in which you work?

My day job is in Covent Garden in a high profile gym. It's not massively community orientated.. but it's really great to work within a physically motivated atmosphere.

Lastly, what's for dinner tonight?

Well, I'm going on a holiday next week to Spain which I quite simply cannot afford. So tonight I'm having a delicious stolen steak from my boyfriends work, with some old goats cheese I found in the fridge and a buttery pile of sweetcorn and carrots. Actually pretty banging.

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Until the next time.

All the best, Bourne West.

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