Five Minutes With/ Holly Khan

It's time for a quick break and a chat, maybe a cup of tea, maybe a KitKat if you're that way inclined. (We are).

Every now and then we're going to have a 5 minute break with someone from a local community. Or rather in this case, someone who has just recently joined the team here.Our new resident musician and dramaturge, Holly Khan.

So grab a brew and put your feet up for five minutes for a sit down and a chat.

Hi Holly, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Hello. I'm Holly! I'm a performer turned muscian/composer (although music has always been an integral part of my life). I create live scores to theatrical settings, creating a sort of dialogue between music and text! Creating the same sense as a film score but for the live medium of theatre. I think this form and way of working is quite telling of my background, my training and my key interests!

Perks of the job?


If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to watch what would it be?

The new Kenzo advert created by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to listen to what would it be?

The FULL soundtrack to There Will Be Blood composed by Jonny Greenwood

What's your favourite play?

Maybe a kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter

What inspires you?

When something or someone is extremely ambitious. This doesn't always lead to success, usually it means the opposite but I think it is inspiring to see something ambitious. In its message, in it's form, in what it is trying to provoke.

What's the best thing about the local community in which you work?

I grew up in Harrow and am back there now. The support it provides for youths through a creative means is incredible. Organisations like Harrow Young Musicians and the Harrow Arts Centre gives youths opportunities by properly engaging with them.

Lastly, what's for dinner tonight?

I have absolutely no clue yet!

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Until the next time.

All the best, Bourne West.

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