Five Minutes With/Eleanor King

It's time for a quick break and a chat, maybe a cup of tea, maybe a KitKat if you're that way inclined. (We are).

Every now and then we're going to have a 5 minute break with someone from a local community. Or rather in this case, someone who is working on our brand new play called Ruby written by our Artistic Director Jonathan Stephenson.

So grab a brew and put your feet up for five minutes for a sit down and a chat.

This time round we're having a 5 minute break with producer Eleanor King. She'll be saving all our lives throughout the run.

Hi Eleanor. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I do a lot! I originally trained as an actor, I also write plays and spoken word and on top of that I'm also a qualified personal trainer! I recently produced Bourne West's premiere short film 'Lust' which is now in post production and this is my first job as producer on a theatre show.

Perks of the job?

Which job..? Well we can't go into them all now can we. Let's go with the last one. I'm loving producing, it's hard work but it's really nice to be on the other side for a change after years of acting. But with any of it the part I love the most is being part of the creative process and part of a team. Oh and the beer with the team when it's all done, yeah the beer.

If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to watch what would it be?

​I'm a documentary geek, there was this six part documentary series on recently called " The Brain with David Eagleman " I was completely obsessed with it. As a writer or actor your always coming from a place where understanding people is so important, so I think that's the best thing I've ever seen and would urge everyone to watch it as it's just so goddamn interesting! I also love Louis Theroux, a lot, you should watch everything he ever makes! My favourite drama is Inside no 9, watch that too... and my guilty pleasure is Monk but I think I'm pretty much alone on that one.

If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to listen to what would it be?

​Scroobius Pip, he's my favourite spoken word artist, so anything he's done but especially his songs with Dan Le Sac because they are awesome. I also love Jamie T, and The Libertines new album Anthems for Doomed Youth.

What's your favourite play?

​Tough, very very tough. I grew up loving Alan Ayckbourn and April De Angelis. Birdland by Simon Stephens is probably the best play I've ever seen, there's so many though! I love new writing and I've seen some great stuff on the fringe in London and Edinburgh.

What inspires you?

Kids. Me and my friend run an acting class with 9-10 year olds and they make us laugh and move us nearly to tears all the time! Their creativity has no boundaries and I love their hilarious observations and truthfulness, we love to do improvisation with them because their ideas are better than most adults.

What's the best thing about the local community in which you work?

The dogs.. Walk past me with a dog and you are guaranteed my attention.

Lastly, what's for dinner tonight?

​I'm going to the theatre tonight so hopefully I will be able to grab some nice (but cheapish) Pre- theatre dinner in London!

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Until the next time.

All the best, Bourne West.

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