Five Minutes With/Hannah-Jane Pawsey

It's time for a quick break and a chat, maybe a cup of tea, maybe a KitKat if you're that way inclined. (We are).

Every now and then we're going to have a 5 minute break with someone from a local community. Or rather in this case, someone who is working on our brand new play called Ruby written by our Artistic Director Jonathan Stephenson.

So grab a brew and put your feet up for five minutes for a sit down and a chat.

This time round we're having a 5 minute break with actor Hannah-Jane Pawsey. She'll be playing the part of Verity.

Hi Hannah. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

​I'm an actor and am currently in rehearsals for Bourne West Productions's new play Ruby. I play Verity. She is a wonderfully strong woman who has to face a terrible thing for a good reason. ​Cryptic? I also have an office job to pay the bills.

Perks of the job?

Office job - money. Actor - getting to stand on stage and be someone else for a bit. It can be exhilarating if you get it right.

If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to watch what would it be?

Wild Tales. It's wickedly funny, sublimely dark and just absolutely stupendous. Also Grand Budapest Hotel. And The Lobster. And Oldboy. And Amour. I could go on. I see a lot of cinema with a hubby who works in one!

If there was one thing that you would urge anyone to listen to what would it be?

​I'm currently loving Laura Marling. And I have a constant love affair with Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor. I'm not sure I could choose between these three marvellous women if I had to, so I won't. I really am an awful decision maker.

What's your favourite play?

​Betrayal by Harold Pinter. In fact, anything by Harold Pinter.

What inspires you?

Brave people. Strong, powerful women. People who work hard. People who work for what they believe in.

What's the best thing about the local community in which you work?

​I'm a huge fan of Church Street Market, Lisson Grove. I get all my fruit and veg there. They sell seemingly bottomless bowls of fruit and veg for a mere pound each. Myself and my work chum frequent this gem of a market on our lunch hour and know the market stall holders better than most of our work colleagues.

Lastly, what's for dinner tonight?

Curry. I know that sounds incredibly cliche seen as I'm soon to be in 'Ruby' but it is actually curry for dinner tonight​. We generally have some type of curry at least once a week, not counting leftovers night.

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Until the next time.

All the best, Bourne West.

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